Tamadoge ($TAMA) Rises 1,500% From Token Presale


Tamadoge ($TAMA) is at an all time high. In fact, it beat Terra Luna Classic’s rise in sales before. The new memecoin is also beating so many coins and even the most popular memecoin, Dogecoin.

In its first week, it hit 0.1646. compared to its listing price of $0.03, Tamadoge is up in the air by 450%. Experts say it also ranked 10x higher than its listing value at the bottom before.

As it grows 1,500% from its token presale, what could be more bullish about it? But first, let’s get to know the coin.

Tamadoge ($TAMA)

Tamadoge didn’t come in the listing alone. Because Dogecoin ($DOGE) was so popular for a memecoin, many coins from it came after. But to a specific extent, Tamadoge was with Saudi Shiba Inu ($SAUDISHIB). And $SAUDISHIB gained as high as 450% in sales after its listing. But, it didn’t last long and its value declined after that.

Now, at that time Tamadoge ($TAMA) was also growing. But it wasn’t as high as Saudi Shiba Inu. But when the latter declined, $TAMA continued to grow. And now, it’s 10x higher than most coins. There’s a reason why this happened.

Tamadoge ($TAMA) is not only a memecoin for show. It has actual utility connected to a Play-To-Earn NFT game. That means it’s a coin that a game or games use. So, it made sense to get $TAMA and keep its hype up.

The new Terra or Dogecoin?

There’s two sides of the same coin for the future of $TAMA. On one hand, it can grow as high as Dogecoin ($DOGE). But it would need more time and more influential people coming in for it. On the other, it might become the next Terra Luna. It’s where investors leave with nothing in their wallets because of supply.

No one knows what the future holds for Tamadoge. But right now, it’s looking pretty bullish to invest some.
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