Solana Price Falls Due to an Outage

Solana Price Falls Due to an Outage

Solana‘s value has dropped. This is a result of a failure that has stopped network activity.

Nick Valdez is a crypto commentator. He brought the news to the public on Twitter. The official Solana Twitter feed verified the news on Saturday.

The network had gone down. Solana informed the community. They were already working on a solution.

This is the fourth significant disruption that Solana has undergone this year. Many supporters cite the trend as a reason to avoid the chain.

Solana distributed a paper advising validators on how to fix it. The network was resumed and fully operating.

Despite the resolution, the network was down for over 8 hours. Solana’s price has fallen with the rest of the markets throughout this period. 

Blaming Solana’s present pricing condition on the recent issue may be a strain. It suffered from network outages in the past. Currently, Solana is at $32.98 per share. 

The asset fell from August 13 to August 19. It dropped below the $40 threshold. Solana did not return to the $40 zone.

Solana Price Falls Due to an Outage

What Caused the Recent Outage of Solana?

There was little information on the problem. Validators ceased voting on Friday. Operators were notified to resolve it. The network stalled because it did not generate new roots.

The validator shared an invalid block, according to Laine Stakewiz. But the network can handle it.  But the validator appeared twice. Each produced an incorrect block. The act resulted in the development of a fork.

As a result of the fork, an unclear code path was created. Unsuccessful switches to the main Solana fork stopped network activity. The cluster restart fixed the outage.
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